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Helping our Customers Manage Energy Consumption Better

Automated Meter Readings (AMR) are one way We help businesses become more informed about how to achieve better energy efficiency.

For most businesses, energy is vital to their operations. But how many companies know exactly how much energy they consume? And is it being used for essential activities? For us at TotalEnergies, helping our customers to better manage their energy and reduce their carbon footprint is a top priority.

Real Data – and Customer Knowledge

For many businesses, energy meters are often positioned in difficult to access locations. That frequently leads to estimated, rather than actual, readings. These can be the source of surprises, invoicing errors and unnecessary, extra paperwork. Uniquely in the UK – as a business-to-business energy provider, active since the supply market was opened to customer choice – TotalEnergies works with all sizes of companies. These range from sole-traders, high street stores to multi-site businesses, public sector estates and energy intensive industrial manufacturers. So when we say we understand the operational needs and budget constraints of businesses, that’s because we are drawing on the knowledge of working with our customers, some for 15 years or more.

Helping Businesses be More Informed

TotalEnergies offers its customers energy supply contracts that leave businesses free to focus on their core activities. Supporting customers means too being available to assist them whenever necessary, by phone, email, online or face-to-face. In addition, we help businesses become more informed about how to achieve better energy efficiency. Automated Meter Readings (AMR) are one way. Our AMR devices read customers’ energy meters remotely, irrespective of location. The data captured is precise and comprehensive – meaning the end of estimated bills. Transparent invoicing helps customers to budget. For those active in managing their environmental footprint, consumption readings taken every 30 minutes, provide the insight to meet legislative requirements and deliver quantifiable energy and carbon savings.

Forecasting Usage, Improving Efficiency

Our AMR services enable organisations to monitor time-of-use consumption, detect wastage or abnormal patterns of usage. With accurate data, businesses can improve their usage by forecasting such factors as seasonal variations. Businesses can set their own measures for reduction targets and improved energy efficiency. Tailored usage reports, providing data to procure future flexible contracts based on actual usage, are additional benefits. In June 2010, our AMR service was awarded TotalEnergies' Ecosolutions label, the guidelines for which were established in accordance with the principles set out in the ISO 14020 and 14021 standards. This externally verified label recognises the contribution that our AMR service is making to reducing energy usage and carbon emissions.

AMR installations operate with user-friendly mobile technology. This provides remote access to readings and time-of-use consumption data gathered from customers’ gas or electricity meters. Data from AMR equipment is sent to TotalEnergies via Short Message Service technology accessed by customers via a dedicated, secure, accessible portal.  We then make the consumption data accessible to our customers via our secure AMR portal, enabling them to take control of their energy usage.

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